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A Minimalist Geometric Home Inspired by the Concept of Modern Simplicity

Aavarna by Studio17

Aavarna , the Sanskrit denotation of the word Shapes, is an architectural vision to this single-dwelling bungalow.

This abode is a simple longitude rectangle in the narrow plot size of 24’ x 56’. Located in a small town named Shania near Surat.The space designing was made convenient by seggregating the space requirements and planning out accordingly. The ground floor’s functions was kept minimal as well. This helped alot a large chunk of the space to create a spacious parking.

The material pallete for the house has been kept minimal enriched with earthy tones. A median sized drawing room enriches our vision with the subtleness of the space as soon as we enter the house. The entire room has been orchestrated on the subtle background of rich white coverlet wall. The same subtleness has been maintained on the flooring and the carpet used. This backdrop opened the window for using accent colors in the furniture.

The kitchen space vertically opens directly to the skylight provided. As We mentioned earlier there were no light source from the sides of the bungalow thus we have place and design the skylight in a way to get full source of light and let the hot wind out This has been done to ensure proper circulation of air as the kitchen has been placed in the center of the house.

The bedroom that falls along the facade, has been bestowed with the luxury of a deck to enjoy the outside view. The room has been designed to create a calming environment that would help with improving the use experience of the space. This subtleness has has been used to highlight the furniture in the space. The design inspiration has been infused in this space in the details of the side table and wall decor.

Aavarna is the best example of Modern Simplicity. We have drawn the modern feel for the house from the raw grey of concrete which has been then pushed in the background when your vision tracks the inclusion of terracotta planter to break the massive visual of concrete.The entire house has been well knit with a common thread of simplicity and art.

Project: Aavarna

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

Design House: Studio17

Principal Designers: Mayur Mangukiya, Ankit Sojitra

Photography: Noaidwin Studio, Nilkanth Bharucha


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