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A Slow Unfolding Experience

Updated: May 16, 2020

The Edge House by Studio 17:

Nestled away in the quiet confines of a residential development, The Edge House is an abode that defines unfolding experiences resulting in a home one wants to live in.

A client brief guided by significant relevance to climate and context provided the basic incentives for the inception of the project. Designers at Studio17 wanted to create purity through volumes that impart the simplicity of form that is devoid of any complexities.

Picture courtesy: Studio17

Climate, Context and Client’s brief these were the basic incentive for the completion of the project. The Climate of India comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied topography. The site being located in Surat, Gujarat has a tropical savanna climate. Studio17 wanted to create volumetric purity – austere, compact and in monochrome both inside an outside imparting simplicity of form, devoid of any complexities.

Picture courtesy: Studio17

The West facade features a seamless envelope constructed from terracotta bricks displaying a floral pattern. In addition to the decorative element of terracotta bricks, the material is common as it allows air to flow naturally. The blocks are designed for tropical climates to promote passive ventilation and shade from harsh sunlight, while, at night, the facade acts as a lantern with internal illumination transmitted through the perforations.

Picture courtesy: Studio17

The Areca Palm and the Plumeria Alba against the facade creates a significant impact in the Master Bedroom by adding dancing diffused light through the gaps in the bricks and rustling gentle swishing sound of the Areca Palm leaves and the strong fragrance of the yellow and white flowers of Plumeria Alba.

Picture courtesy: Studio17

Using Terracotta as a material for the West façade of the building made us go through research regarding the properties of the material. Besides its lovely color and the fact that it maintains its good looks over time, terracotta tiles are strong, durable, and fire-resistant. Made from natural, non-toxic material, this material do not off-gas hazardous chemicals. Terracotta tiles reduce noise pollution and inner temperature by 2 degree, keeping the inside atmosphere calm during summer days.

Project: The Edge House Location: Surat, Gujarat Firm: Studio17

Instagram: Design Team: Mayur Mangukiya, Ankit Sojitra, Dixit Narola, Radhika Savani, Uttam Chauhan, Dhruvik Panwala, Nency Sakariya, Arshit Khunt, Rahul Gajera Year: 2019 Photography: PHX India | Sebastian Zachariah

Instagram: ArtWork: Rogan Design





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