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An Artistic Abode by The Orange Lane

This house is designed for the renowned actor Irrfan Khan of the Indian Firm Industry and his wife Sutapa Sikdar keeping in mind people that are very creatively inclined. They wanted a home that brings people in and keeps the fast pacing of the world outside. The dream, while designing, was to create a world of their own within the chaotic city where they are linked to it yet away from the havoc of it all.

Picture courtesy : The Orange Lane

For the team at The Orange Lane and its lead Shabnam Gupta this project turned out to be the most artistically adroit & challenging projects with a gratifying and uncommon product. They are proud of how the space is an example of an artistic home in midst of a busy life, a space with distinct features and corners while the overall feel emulates that of a cozy home. The apartment makes a statement right at the entrance with an ink-blue passage decorated with cut out floral motifs, decorative frames and art sculptures, with only a sliver of light creeping in from an archway.

Picture courtesy : The Orange Lane

The living room inspired by garden spaces has an exposed ceiling with a floral light installation that branches out like a creeper has naturally clung to the slab and spread across its expanse. A deep blue water body, with the gentle sound of water overflowing from the urn placed at the center adds to the serenity of the space. A long balcony encompasses the living room from three sides, and is filled with tall greens acting as a screen. The space depicts a journey, each piece of furniture and artifact was curated over a long span of time and displayed is with great elegance by placing each carefully. The two seater swing was created from a plank that is the size of an open newspaper suspended from dark-green ropes.

Picture courtesy : The Orange Lane

The dining room provides a formal experience through a paneled wall inset with mirrors along one side of it. A hand carved console and lots of floor lamps soften the space, making it a royal yet warm place to enjoy a meal.
Picture courtesy : The Orange Lane

Irrfan’s bedroom is a multi-lateral combination of spaces. A tall library wall, a comfortable sofa to watch television, a reading nook with a rocking chair and a study room tucked away at the back. The amber glass panels in the windows depict beautiful patterns that move with the sunlight through the day.

Picture courtesy : The Orange Lane

Sutapa’s bedroom, with its floral motif and Gond art, is more of an individualistic area, standing out in a house built around varied knick-knacks, collected across far-flung travels. It comes with a tiny balcony, barely big enough to hold a round yellow table and two chairs.

Picture courtesy : The Orange Lane

The Khan residence is an intimate abode. It draws inspirations from the artisans of Jaipur and Jodhpur and is ornately decorated with intricate decor sourced by Irrfan throughout his travels.

Project Details:

Project Name: An Artistic Abode

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Firm: The Orange Lane , Mumbai

Principal Designer: Shabnam Gupta

Photography: Parth Swaminath





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