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An earthy pastel structure nestled between the Aravalli hills of Jaipur

Owl House by Delhi Collective:

Nestled between the Aravalli hills of Jaipur, stands a simple house that blends in with

the surrounding landscape. Amongst the tall trees one can see fragments of an earthy

pastel structure quietly staring back at you. This weekend home has been

designed keeping in mind its context and climatic conditions.

Picture courtesy: Delhi Collective

The layout of the house works on a simple grid with the front and rear

elevation being symmetrical. The flat façade is broken by veranda niches on the front

and rear with Dholpur Stone box windows cutting through the east and west walls. The

key hole opening of the main entrance is symbolic of the vernacular haveli entrance

design. We enter into a foyer which overlooks a small courtyard with the view of the


Picture courtesy: Delhi Collective

The Living and dining space is situated towards the front of the house and the

Main bedrooms towards the rear. Each space opens up onto the outside keeping the

landscape connected with the interiors of the home.

Picture courtesy: Delhi Collective

Exposed concrete takes over the interior ceilings with polished Kota stone flooring.All the materials used in the project have been sourced locally from a 20km radius keeping the house true to its natural surroundings.

The terrace of the house has a small pergola feature made out bamboo one to enjoy the surrounding views of the hills and forest.
Picture courtesy: Delhi Collective

Rough plastering wraps around the base

with a beige pink hue complementing the Dholpur stone box windows. A lighter paint

of the same hue has been used on the parapet with smooth plastering. These small

details bring out the simplistic nature of the owl house.

Project: Owl House

Location: Achrol, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Firm: Delhi Collective

Completion Year: 2019

Lead Architects: Sidharth Khatri, Mitali Kedia

Photo credits: Rohan Dayal


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