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An innovative range of handmade products you will love!

Pattterned Studio is a young but innovative studio, located in the suburbs of Mumbai. It is an attempt to introduce a range of customized handmade products ranging from ceramic tableware, planters, table accessories, glassware, glass blown lighting's to exuberant products on home decor.

Picture courtesy: Pattterned Studio

Its founder and artist in chief, Astha Malu, has her focus fixed in a pure amalgamation of earthy as well as green materials and that is what Pattterned Studio thrives to achieve by indulging in various clay bodies and Borosilicate Glass.

Picture courtesy: Pattterned Studio

The core clients of the studio are architects, interior designs and chefs. Astha feels she is truly fortunate to collaborate with Michelin Star Chef Vineet Bhatia and has worked on around more than 20 exclusive design series with him. She has also developed the same for his upcoming restaurants in Dubai and various other restaurants.

Picture courtesy: Pattterned Studio

"My main focus is to design user-friendly functional ceramic products, but I tend to play around with my fingers to create various surfaces, textures, broken edges, etc. Regardless to the fact that these designs are been batch produced on a potter's wheel; I add, subtract, twist, press clay or merely break the edges to add depth, drama, character, story to my designs. Reflecting the basic idea of all the pieces having their own individual identity, but at the same time they all belong to a single batch. No two pieces are same they all are similar. " - Astha Malu

Firm: Pattterned Studio

Founder: Astha Malu


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