"Art" - A Poem That Presents An Artisan's Perspective

by Jyothi Hiremath

I am ART, A constantly changing imagination, and a creative destination

An artisan's lover

An architect's tool

I'm played betwixt the colour wheel

I'm layered with every texture there is..

I'm colorful,

I'm minimal,

I'm monochromatic,

I'm dramatic, 

I portray every culture

I define every character

I can be the facade to one's emotions

I can be the path to one's hidden passion

I can be what you want me to be

But I can still be, as real as one could be

I could be your guide in life,

I could be your light in sight,

I blend well with architecture,

I stand out in every texture, 

Indeed, Creativity is my best friend..

I can make or break monotony,

I'm stroked with paint in integrity,

From medieval ages to modern designs

I've lived through history

I evolve to be contemporary

Oh, Men may come and men may go, 

But I have stayed and will stay,

As a multilingual expression,

I am ART

A constantly changing imagination,

And a creative destination.

The above image is an abstract reference to Art, Architecture and an Artisans perspective. Infused with colorful geometric patterns, It is intensified by a backdrop that not only adds a pop of color but also pleasant aesthetics to the image.

Here, multiple human hands are drawn in geometric patterns and depicted in a way as if they are untangled by threads. The chromium painted lines are represented as threads, which go beyond a wall creating mystery, the mystery being ART, which has no limit in particular, ART goes beyond one's perspective,there's always more to learn when it comes to ART.

Flying birds painted on a contrast wall seem to emerge from another side. These birds represent creativity and freedom. 

One can say that art and architecture go hand in hand. A masterpiece is created when art plays a major role in creating it. Hence, the overall meaning of this image is that "Creativity prevails when one doesn't fear criticism and invites ART into any subject"



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