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Fall in Love with this Vintage Style Decor Home Designed by Shivani Dogra

A 2800 square foot, unfurnished house, situated facing an expansive golf course in Noida.

On many of Shivani Dogra's projects, the design plan flows from the selection of a  singular decor feature that sets the tone and inspires the aesthetic of the entire home surrounding it. This was true when the studio was  entrusted with the full-home design of a modern 2,800-square-foot home in Noida, UP for a young couple- a news anchor/managing editor of a media company and a consultant and their three-year-old son.

Picture Courtesy: Shivani Dogra

The space was an empty shell when the clients moved in and starting was probably the most challenging aspect on this project. After some discussion, the clients chose a vintage, printed panel of a view of Varanasi printed by Ananbô, Paris. This was the piece that determined the look for the rest of the space- elegant, restful and evocative of a quieter time in India. Sourcing and construction for the rest of the space centered around this Panorama and the way the clients needed the space to feel. 'Feeling' was also what determined the choices of furnishings and tones in colour through the space. This home needed to feel calm though not dull and vibrant though not overly so.   

Picture Courtesy: Shivani Dogra

After the  choice of the Panorama, the designers picked hand woven tribal, silk & wool Kilims and carpets scouring almost every good carpet store in town and in neighboring towns to pick just the right pieces. Next, the placement of the rugs were determined in the space and the tones for the rest of the space were easier to build on from here. Choices of upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings were inspired by these intricately hand woven, deeply hued pieces.

Picture Courtesy: Shivani Dogra

Two other wallpapers- from Sandberg and Linwood were chosen, followed by a Chinoiserie from Paul Montgomery.We then chose art that was equally detailed although subtle, in order for it to blend in and not stand out from the chosen pieces. "Creating balance was the key, as having chosen pattern heavy wall coverings and rugs, one did not want to cross the line into overdone. This project is probably the quickest we've chosen art for. We were aware that we had only a small window to make a choice that was informed and within budget and this was a challenge. Some of it was made by me with dried flowers that’d been preserved by my client years ago and had sentimental value. Other pieces were sourced from individual artists and indigenous art from Indian tribes. Pieces from Africa and the US from the clients extended family or travels,also found their way into the space.", explains Shivani Dogra.

Picture Courtesy: Shivani Dogra

Furniture was made in-house as per the clients’ requirements- mainly pieces of simplicity in reclaimed teak, cane or concrete. The one piece that we searched high and low for and then ultimately had to reproduce was as an Anglo Indian daybed- an elegant 19th century piece that was placed in the center and front of the Panorama. It was elegant enough to blend in, but not too loud as to detract from it. Campaign furniture, used by the British on travel and military campaigns in India, was specially sourced as my clients were from military families and requested that there be some part of that heritage retained in the design. The only slightly ornamental edge to the kitchen were the back-splash tiles, cream fish scale patterned ceramic tiles - offering some continuity with the rest of the house. 

Picture Courtesy: Shivani Dogra

"Finally, at the end of 4 months after civil work, rigorous research & sourcing, we had a space that did justice to the repose the clients wanted to feel. One room flowed smoothly into the next and out onto an expanse of green making for a space that was peaceful, elegant and perfectly balanced." - Shivani Dogra

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