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Film: You've Been Infected (2020) by Nirmal Thomas

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Inspired by the strange but elegant paradigm while surfing the internet surge of COVID-19, this film depicts the explosion of COVID content in the virtual world.

"Now that we are aware of what's going on, we seek out for aid and guidance and how to wash hands. Luckily, everyone on the internet are experts. From lime to weed, breast milk to cow's urine, steam to burning a house, we learnt what Corona looked like. But all of this isn't about the novel virus. What it really manifests is something beyond our existence. Possibly, Vivaldi's 'Winter' used throughout in the film dramatized how earth looks like from above, but clearly it draws out the importance of us making a difference, difference in pollution levels, finally getting to star gaze and of course, breathe. Not to mention, the contributions of our beloved essential workers and medical staff were unanimously applauded, who are otherwise unimportant for us. We've seen it all. This film is hence, nothing far from a wry assemblage of what could an average internet population encounter when they are forced to live online. Can they handle, Wi-Fi Connected, But No Internet?", says Nirmal while explaining the inspiration behind this film.

The film has recently received an official selection at The Lift-Off Film Festival, Pinewood Studios, England and also at the Earls Court Film Festival 2020, London.

Watch the film here:

About the Maker: Nirmal Thomas

Nirmal Thomas is an Indian Filmmaker best known for Hosa Belaku (New Dawn). Although he is not a film buff, he cherishes those films that have had some effect on him. “I am in a constant need to film whatever interests me,” he says, and has been making short videos since he was 11 years old. His latest short, Hosa Belaku, screened at more than five countries, festivals around the globe, has won awards such as Winning Entry at the Liverpool Documentary Festival, and Best Third Film at the Chitkara International Film Festival.

He considers himself to be a Digital Producer and says that he loves making documentaries and would like to see documentary film-making receive greater attention and respect. Thomas is not a big fan of Gandhi but he feels one of his quotes keeps him going, "Whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it is important that you do it."

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