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This Product Provides a Pop-Up Tour of the City of Jaipur

Jaipur Cityscape by Etch Design Studio

A fun and exciting product created for all the art lovers and wanderers, The Jaipur Cityscape is a pop-up tour of the city, one historic monument at a time.

The Jaipur Cityscape is filled with beautiful custom illustrations and stories from the old structures of the city. The exquisite cut-paper souvenir, featuring seven of Jaipur’s most famous sites, encapsulates the spirit of The Pink City all in one.

Picture Courtesy: Etch Design Studio

The Jaipur Cityscape was born out of the love for the designer's hometown, Jaipur—The beautiful culture and heritage, the magnificent walled city painted in pink, and the old lanes narrating the fables of the city’s history and velour. One of the desires while designing the product was also to create awareness about the city’s tourism and about the beautiful monuments and their stories.

Picture Courtesy: Etch Design Studio

The process was a long but fun & creative cycle of anticipation, experience and memory. It took us almost a year to compile and complete this gorgeous piece. To start off, we made the illustrations and then the prototypes of the product.

"All the illustrations are made in-house. After a lot of trial and error, we got the hang of the functionality and mechanism of the pop-up structure. The next big challenge was the production; from making multiple dyes to getting the print wrong to getting the calculations inverse, and finally getting it right. This piece taught is patience among other virtues. All in all, it was a very fun experience for our entire team." - Etch Design

Picture Courtesy: Etch Design Studio

The Jaipur Cityscape perfectly captures the emotion of the designer's native city.

"All inspired and overwhelmed with the response and outcome, we are looking forward to making a postcard range of these beautiful illustrations so that we can share the love of our beautiful city and its monuments in many more ways. " - Etch Design Studio

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