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Maciej Franta's Hotel Wisła in Poland Wins at the 38th Cycle of the WA Awards

Polish architecture studio Franta Group has won a competition to design a pavilion-like hotel in a Polish town Wisła, Poland.

The main idea of ​​the designed facility was to depart from the current design of contemporary hotels in the Silesian Beskids and to place the facility in the landscape in such a way that, while fulfilling the extensive program, it would not dominate the rescaling of the context of the place and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

"For this reason, we decided to depart from the form of a concentrated building in one strong block in favor of a balanced architecture of a complex of hotel pavilions broken into modules. The main inspiration for the formation of the team was the reference to wooden mountain huts standing freely in a mountain glade. Therefore, we proposed the architecture of the pavilions as a modern synthesis of the cubature of wooden regional architecture characterized by slants, wood and proportion, and linking it functionally with an underground storey covered with a green roof in the form of a multifunctional meadow." - explained architects at Franta Group.

The entire formation of individual blocks of residential pavilions was taken into account as diagonal slants formed by the geometric transposition of the basic volume. The spacing and rotation of individual volumes were determined on a non-accidental basis, ensuring adequate sunlight for the apartments and providing a wide panoramic panorama from the terraces.

The lumps were also inspired by historic regional architecture - also with non-Polish roots. For the intimacy of the stay, individual facades were differentiated into open ones - equipped with wide viewing terraces and closed, full-bodied ones with single window openings. Thanks to the breakdown into smaller point volumes, we obtain high comfort of living and equipping a large part of the apartments with two-sided lighting (corner apartments).

The project includes the construction of five hotel pavilions with two hundred apartments, spa zones, restaurants, cafes and a complex of additional sports and recreational functions, shops and spaces for children, relaxation and viewing terraces The entire complex is planned in a premium standard, exceeding all previous projects in the Silesian Beskids. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the access road, which ensures smooth communication and smooth and trouble-free access. In the vicinity, there are medium-scale guesthouses and recreational functions such as a ski slope or renovated Vistula boulevards with a series of bicycle paths.

The hotel project has recently won the 38th cycle of the World Architecture Awards 10 + 5 + X of the World Architecture Community portal.

Project: Hotel Wisla

Location: Poland

Design House: Franta Group

Design Team: Maciej Franta, Magdalena Orzeł-Rurańska, Anita Majowska, Damian Ludwig, Michał Pietrucha & team


All graphics and illustrations are copyright of Franta Group based out of Katowice, Poland.

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