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Earthy Vibes, Warm Tones and Playful Patterns Combine within this Elegant Abode in Bangalore

Mathew's Residence by 1Leapingfrog Studio

Approximately 3000 sqft, the Mathew residence is located on the 9th floor of an apartment tower with partial views of the nearby Hebbal lake from the bedrooms.

The living room faces a high-density housing development with a lot of tree cover in between. But being on a higher level there is a certain amount of privacy lost and also the uninterrupted view of the adjacent building is an issue. The brief was to use something earthy and warm with references to Brick and timber in buildings of some well know developers in the city. But the use of it was challenged and done in a non- conventional way.

Picture Courtesy: 1Leapingfrog Studio

There was an extensive search for what the home needed to be. There was an attempt to tell a story that connected materials in an honest and relatable manner. Then something unfolded. Upon receiving the structural drawings, it was discovered that the building was originally designed for 25 storeys but didn’t happen due to revised height restrictions.

Picture Courtesy: 1Leapingfrog Studio

This meant a concrete sheer walls were used to support the structure and an idea emerged to use these walls in the narrative. Niches were carved out in these concrete walls by exposing in an interspersed but structured pattern, at times playful and with timber as a contrast. This invented language becomes the backdrop to the home with is laid out in simple spaces that lead into each other. In order to reduce the sense of scale and create intimacy a screen was introduced in the entrance which became a part of the internal architecture and design language. This becomes a central element that the spaces are built around.

Picture Courtesy: 1Leapingfrog Studio

Due to the context of the building and the view of adjacent building the main living balcony was made more internal and also to create privacy by adding layers of landscape and transparent acrylic blinds.

The floors were changed to a wooden deck and green walls and planters were introduced as a back drop. The new timber doors are designed to open completely and ensure that the living relates to the balcony seamlessly.

Picture Courtesy: 1Leapingfrog Studio

The bedrooms were designed with an individual mood board for each with the walls remaining white throughout the house to have a sense of serenity. The master bedroom had more earthy shades of brown's and beige's with a custom-made king-sized bed that went perfectly with the wood. The son’s bedroom had a more playful splash of colour with the grey and blue combination with a custom platform bed to go with it. The guest bedroom was kept neutral with green and beige combination along with a Cane bed to go with it.

Project: Mathew’s Residence

Location: Godrej Platinum, Hebbal, Bangalore

Design House: 1Leapingfrog Studio

Lead Architects: Ar. Aatira Lalichan Zacharias and Ar. Bhyrav Gowda

Photography: Gareth Hoover

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