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Meet The Artist: Sri Priyatham

Sri Priyatham is a Professional freelance Artist based out of Hyderabad. With a background in Fine Arts, Sri is an Illustrator and Art Instructor with an experience and expertise of over 10 years in the creative industry.

As a freelancer, Sri has worked with many prestigious clients such as Microsoft - Redmond, LV Prasad Eye Institute,CYIENT, Netflix USA, Wacom, , NASSCOM, WizCraft Int., etc. His work has been published and featured by many National and online editorials along with Magazines across the country. As a longterm project, alongside of being a creative instructor in the growing Art Scenario in Hyderabad and Southern parts of India, Sri has been hosting multiple Art workshops across all the cities in south India ( IIT-M and Many Tech incubators and co-working spaces as frequent collaborators) with Hyderabad as his base.

Picture courtesy : Sri Priyatham


"Well, This is a latest addition in my portfolio and probably my favorite in the recent times as I enjoyed painting this character for multiple reasons such as, the actress has done a fabulous job and added a weight into the character which in turn has influenced artists like me to make fan arts and spin off versions of her. I tried to get the mood and ambiance of the character by tweaking the color palette and I guess it works really well with the atmosphere of the entire show which takes place mostly during nights. I had a blast as I used a large number of textured brushes to achieve the traditional painting feel though it was done digitally on a Cintiq with Adobe Photoshop. I like to keep it loose yet make the artwork look tight, just like an oil painting to retain the aesthetics." - (Sri Priyatham to TDC)

Picture courtesy : Sri Priyatham


"I drew this piece as a part of Inktober 2017 and I remember that i was extremely ill. But, as the artistic mind never sleeps and the competition was eating me up, I found this reference in a photographers website but I don't remember the name. I'd appreciate if someone can identify the subject! The reason why i was gravitated to this man's photo was the props on him and the texture on his skin and beard. Also, the distinctive eye capturing facial features! I personally love rendering freckles and wrinkles as it challenges my capabilities and lets me end up learning something new. And so did this piece as I worked with different mixes materials like ballpoints, pigment liners and brush pens to bring it all together. Always a favorite portrait from the vault!" - (Sri Priyatham to TDC)

Picture courtesy : Sri Priyatham

ARYA STARK "Well, I needn't say more about this piece as many already know! Arya is one of My most favorite characters from Game of Thrones and also in the whole Television. The sharp stare in her face and thr fanboy in me figured out a way to make an attempt on the portrait and I really want to go wild with textures with procreate on IiPad Pro. So, there's the outcome of the jamming session I had with this sketch." - (Sri Priyatham to TDC)

Artist: Sri Priyatham

Location:Hyderabad, Telangana

Category: Graphic Art, Sketching, Illustrations

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