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This Home Fuses Indian Aesthetic with Contemporary Context

Updated: May 16, 2020

Narrow House by Studio D+B

A project that fuses traditional Indian aesthetic with contemporary context while finding the balance between old and new.

Narrow house, as its lovingly called, is a special home in the modern day’s context as it houses three generations in a duplex apartment on the top two floors of a four storied building in a site sized 30’ X 90’. The project brief was to design a home with a traditional Indian aesthetic while catering to the needs and choices of a complex family unit and achieving a balance with the sensibilities of the old & new.

Picture courtesy: Studio D+B

Designers at Studio D+B tried to capture the essence of the old world’s charm in the contemporary context focusing on functionality without compromising on the aesthetic.

Wood and Warm Neutral tones with an occasional splash of muted color has been adopted as the palette for the house to make the space seem larger. Ventilation has been give utmost important in every space to let as much natural light in as possible. Louvered windows dot all the rooms, an element inspired from old traditional Indian houses and also the entire wood work has been hand crafted on-site using Indian Teak Wood.

Picture courtesy: Studio D+B

The central staircase area connecting the living rooms at both the levels breaks the linearity of the plan and it also serves up as extra informal seating space for leisurely activities. The under stair storage unit has been smartly camouflaged to blend in with the aesthetic of the rest of the house.

A vintage urli takes special place and replaces the regular sink in the powder room and compliments the vibrant Moroccan tile backdrop.

Picture courtesy: Studio D+B

Owing to limited floor space, this house has a single, full-utility, open kitchen that has been designed to handle all the action without taking away the aesthetic. The result has been a charming classical themed warm grey kitchen with loads of natural light and space for everything to be neatly tucked away.

The monotony of wood has been broken down by adding wicker weave at places in the shutters, another vintage element that takes central place in this house as a design element. The master bedroom is a cozy retreat a with a natural Kota stone floor, wooden elements in the ceiling and a beautiful four poster bed. The ochre walls give it that extra earthy touch which was what the clients were looking for specifically.

Picture courtesy: Studio D+B

One usually thinks of carvings, heavily polished woods, Tanjore Paintings and bright colors when thinking of traditional Indian homes and this one house steers clear from all of that, yet captures the essence in a subtle way. A challenge that has been thoroughly enjoyed by us as the design team !

Project Name: Narrow House

Location: Hyderabad

Design House: Studio D+B

Photography: Sankeerth Jonnada




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