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J.D. College of Engineering by SHK Architects

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

An architecture that is first and foremost contextual and originates from its surroundings.

J.D. College of Engineering is an INTBAU award winning architecture that shows contemporary vernacular architecture done in a large-scale project. It showcases the firm, Smita and Habeeb Khan Architect's personal mission to provide a link between the old vernacular architectural traditions and future building designs after recognizing the gap globalization has created in sustaining the continuum of local building traditions.

A great amount of attention to was paid to materials, use of locally-baked brick, ironmongery and the building is a beautiful educational space. It responds to a broken ‘chain of vernacular evolution.’

While designing SHK Architects kept in mind the relationship of the building with nature and its users creating a distinctive sense of place through interplay of natural light and shadow coming in from all sides which is essential in a building that caters to a large crowd of people.

The architects kept principles of vernacular architecture in mind which you get to see while walking through the arched corridors, colonnaded passages with sloping roofs, a material pallet that is deeply rooted to the earth, passive cooling techniques and more importantly a building without the modern day concrete slab.

At the same time a contemporary blend through post and beam steel members, decorative railings and intricate patterns and details spread throughout the campus. The college is an rejuvenating experience and takes the visitor in a trance. Each space has a close connectivity to the outdoor in an effort to bring it in.

Throughout the building you get to see vibrant and earthy textures and patterns that break stereotypes.

To summarize J.D. College is a perfect example of contemporary vernacular architecture done effectively.

Project Details:

Project: J.D. College of Engineering

Location: Nagpur

Firm: SHK Architects

Principal Architects: Ar. Habeeb Khan & Dr. Ar. Smita Khan