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Office for Infocept Technologies by White Design

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Telephone booths, Recreational spaces, Meditation zones and a bus and taxi too! Who wouldn't want to work here?

Courtesy: White Design

Creating an office for 50,000 Sq.Ft. on one floor was a challenge associates at White Design and its principal architect Ar. Mukul Kulkarni cherished. As one goes around the office they are greeted with innovative and informative wall arts and graphics, meeting zones that are named after data visualization which is used in the office everyday.

Courtesy: White Design

This prestigious project started with receiving the design brief from Infocepts in Oct 2016. The brief said that they wanted an 'open plan office' with no cabins for any of their employees and loads of spaces meant of interaction and collaboration.

During their research they came to the conclusions that the contemporary offices have moved from the traditional cultures to a more dynamic ones. Cabins have given way to more openness. Walls and barriers have paved way for transparency. Offices have turned into more of community hubs. Hence, the came out with a concept of the ‘The Friendly Neighborhood' for this office.

Courtesy: White Design

The office consists of a theatre, and out of the box library , even a bus and taxi! Amidst these there are recreational areas, food kiosks , telephone booths and a bridge that one can hang out on. Lots of chill out zones and of various types. These help the users to rejuvenate and relax.They also encourage formal or informal discussions , ideas and and sense of being.

Courtesy: White Design

The office also has a wellness and meditation room for all the associates.The building being surrounded with lush green vegetation , White Design made sure that they bring the outside environment into the interiors by evolving the open plan landscape design where the interiors have spaces which are well lit , colorful , spacious and very well connected.

Project Details :

Client: Infocepts Technologies, Nagpur CEO: Mr. Shashank Garg Office area: 50,000 sq. ft. Capacity: 400

Firm : White Design , Nagpur

Principal Architect : Ar. Mukul

Design Team : Ar.Shruti Gosewade Completed in: Dec 2017 Address: Shahpoorji Pallonji IT Park, Mihan, Nagpur

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