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Pantone Collective Transforms this Nightclub into an All Day Eatery and Terrace Bar

Sky Block by Pantone Collective

Situated in the busy shopping district of Delhi, this property has been designed & renovated as a fresh concept into an existing nightclub.

Inspiration for the design stems from the theme of an old Havana to create a layered atmosphere. The property is lined with fluted wall panels that contrast with the existing contemporary site profiles. Softly curved settees are scattered throughout, reflecting an eclectic style of a traditional front porch in Havana.

Blue fluted panels and indoor landscaping create an intimate seating oasis for guests. Handcrafted, modern arches along with vintage artwork and paintings compliment the signature Havana theme.

Blue Ribbed Wood Paneling Is Fragmented With Geometric Arches & Color Blocking Of Burnt Orange Atrium That Open-Up The Room Into A Double Height Stairway, Entering Into A Spectacular Terrace Lounge & Bar. Furthermore, tropical murals were planted in the 100feet wide facade, making a bold statement in the busy and bustling shopping mall.

Various Styles Of Custom Suede Dining Banquettes, Monotone Marble Tables, And A Two-Toned Furniture Add Warm, Unifying Elements To The Sophisticated Custom And Vintage Geometric-Infused Furnishings.

The Entire Theme Is Done In Bold Shade Of Marine Blue & Vintage Mural Graphics, Along With A Contrasting Rich Color Palette That Tie The Design Together Giving The Nod To The Existing Night Club A Modern & Eclectic Lift.

Project: Sky Block

Location: New Delhi

Design House: Pantone Collective Design Studio

Principal Architect: Tanya Chutani

Photography: Anirudh Datta


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