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Ultra Simple & Cheap Face Shield for the Covid-19 Crisis

Simple Face Shield by Adam Miklosi Design

Adam Miklosi designs an ultra simple and cheap face shield for the Covid-19 crisis, due to the lack of personal protective equipment.

The key inspiration was to create a a face shield from a single sheet of plastic which could be a temporary solution to fill the gap of the slow and overloaded supply chain.

Picture courtesy : Adam Miklosi Design

This face shield can be manufactured in large numbers and is made up of only one element which doctors can assemble on site in less than 10 seconds. "I was inspired by the 3D printed face shield initiatives around the globe. Soon I realized 3D printing a faceshield strap is costly and takes hours to produce. It needs assembly, adding PET shield onto the strap and binding it with a rubber, then clean. My idea was to make an easily manufacturable in large numbers and cheap alternative which has only ONE element, so could be shipped stacked in layers and doctors can assemble in 10 seconds on site." says Adam.

This design has been uploaded online and made free to use to anyone around the world both for die cutting or laser cutting. It has also been tested in two hospitals with the response being positive. "I tested various materials and various thicknesses until I find the most suitable and safe the 0.5 mm thick PET (APET or PETG) sheet. I uploaded the design and made free to use to anyone around the world both for die cutting or laser cutting. I tested and validated the design in 2 hospitals in two shifts and all the feedback were positive. Currently I am partnered with fellow – wish to help – people to produce this design worldwide. With the current design it is possible to manufacture between 30000-100000 pieces in an average sized printing studio with a die cutter." Adam concluded.

Design House: Adam Miklosi Design

Manufacturing files are available for free on:

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