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Simplicity and Intimacy Become the Theme for this House Designed by BAUM

H house by BAUM

Baum designs a house for a couple with their two kids in Sanmagaya-cho, a valley surrounded by the forest in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

The challenge was to ensure privacy and to deal with the low sunshine hours and the heavy snow that is unique to this area.

Picture Courtesy: BAUM

The lead architect Daisuke Kishina designs large windows to bring in daylight and fresh air while also providing with a strong connection to the exterior landscape. Rather than completely separates the private space, the border between the outside and the interior was created through a concrete space that japanese called “Doma”.

Picture Courtesy: BAUM

Interior volume reveals the simplicity of the house, scaled for intimate family gatherings. The aim is to create a shelter where family can experience the unique relation between the natural environment and the warmth of the interior. Cozy but ample, bright and airy.

Picture Courtesy: BAUM

Due to the tiny size of the plot, the living room is placed on the second floor. In order to make the kitchen and the living room as close as possible, the height of the first floor was set low.

Picture Courtesy: BAUM

The ceiling intentionally shows the wooden texture to match the gentle atmosphere required by the owner.

Project: H house

Location: Miyama, Fukui ken, Japan

Design House: BAUM

Lead Architect: Daisuke Kishina

Photography: MOv(モブ) 明直樹





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