The Empty Road by Sakshi Jajal

Two cart pullers passed by on an empty road, in front of the grand Lion Gate. While half the city was still fast asleep, these two men were working hard on a Sunday morning. That's when I knew it was the perfect shot. Some say that photography is all about waiting. I have realized it is necessary to halt, think and decide when you want to hit the trigger on your camera.

I started a separate page to simply document all that my eyes saw throughout the day. I realized I don't have any style as such but I liked the bizarre, the things and the people that made me question. Not knowing what to call my page, I decided to name it @spotsandthoughts only because it had a rhyme. Since that day, there was no turning back. Everyday is like a photo-walk for me. In fact, life itself is like a photo-walk. Sometimes I take the longer way home, just to discover spots that I may have not known. I wouldn't call myself a photographer, but I'd say I am an observer. Give me a chair and a bottle of water and I can sit anywhere just to understand and analyse things around me. However I aspire to do something in the field of photojournalism or maybe film making, someday. I am still exploring my style and trying to find a place in this maze. I know for a fact that facades, neatly designed places and objects that are naturally aligned is what stands out the most for me. Let's be honest, it is hard to stay focused and happy in this world of likes and followers.

I have realized that your art and your work should not be controlled by the need to display everything everyday on the internet. Believe in yourself, believe in your work and keep making photos!



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