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The Line Studio Designs a Rustic Santorini-Themed House with a Clever Spatial Solutions in Bengaluru

The Rustic Mediterranean by The Line Studio

This three-bedroom home in Bengaluru seamlessly integrates vibrant colours with a touch of whimsy and a refined white backdrop that celebrates openness and light.

In the living room, a thoughtful use of white walls and complimenting ceilings amplifies the sense of height, while accent lights in ceiling coves add a sense of spaciousness to the entire space.

A flowing blue colour palette on the ceiling enhances the overall aesthetic. An open kitchen with yellow quartz countertops seamlessly integrates into the living area with blue accents tying the space together.

Noteworthy elements include a rustic Santorini-themed room along with a captivating rainbow-inspired area and a serene sage-blue master bedroom that boasts of cleverly designed storage solutions.

Architectural highlights such as arched entrances and innovative window seating elevate both aesthetics and functionality that creates a delightful and restful environment for its inhabitants.

Project: The Rustic Mediterranean

Location: Bengaluru

Design House: The Line Studio

Principal Designer: Rubi Baid Bhansali

Photography: Yesker


About the firm: The Line Studio

The Line Studio is an Interior & Styling Studio led by Rubi Baid Bhansali in Bangalore.

Founder and Principal Designer Rubi Baid Bhansali

Over the past few years, The Line Studio has been engaged with high end residential and commercial interior designing and styling. A guiding principle of The Line Studio is that each project reflects the functionality and aesthetics that revolves around the user personality.

"The functional design identifies what its design space is to do and is more concerned with what is to be done and less with how it happens that gives users pleasure from the start. It makes them form a bond with the design, bond that goes beyond the initial interaction. Aesthetic design is perceived as more friendly, usable and valuable." Says Rubi, Founder and Principal Designer of The Line Studio.

Find out more about the firm here.



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