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Contemporary & Rustic Elements Fuse for This Showroom Amritsar

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The TerraMater by Renesa Architects

Amidst rustic tones and earthy red terracotta bricks, Studio Renesa’s new project is not your conventional showroom by any means.

Launching their first showroom in Amritsar, India, the client brief comprised of a singular objective - to create a space that not only instantly felt comfortable and familiar but would also become the center of attraction. This project experiments with the very idea of a retail space by pushing its boundary by perceiving it as a sculpture of simple curves and lines, interspersed to create receptacles of display.

Picture courtesy: Renesa Architects

Steering away from the traditional showroom approach, Renesa Architects sought to contextualize the space as a gallery that provides the consumer with an experience of viewing the products by presenting them in an engaging setting. The design is such that it allows the customers to interact with the products through the various pockets created and get a sense of their inherent quality.

Spatially, the approach involves a series of ad-junctions; tied together by red bricks that set the tone for the brand’s identity. The plan poses a rectangular volume, with arched niches that were created to include natural light into the site.

Picture courtesy: Renesa Architects

Side-stepping the idea of a layout that conforms to its shape, the final concept removes and cuts through the entire space creating a maneuvering pattern across the store. Simple curves and diagonals are interspersed to create receptacles of display. These different shapes forming the spatial ideology, dissect and resurrect the design forming a frame for the products. Essentially, a Home decor store, the semi enclosed volumes offer multiple access points overlapped with the monolithic structures that act as the gallery elements.

Picture courtesy: Renesa Architects

In terms of materials, the raw concrete texture resonates with the terracotta bricks forming a transitory space that can be curated like a gallery and showroom. The natural colors and the textural variation found in the material scheme forms spaces that can be curated according to their products.

Picture courtesy: Renesa Architects

Project: The TerraMater Location: Amritsar, Punjab Firm: Renesa Architects

Sanjay Arora - Founder | Principal Architect

Sanchit Arora - Studio Head Architect| Concept Design Head/Sketches/Graphics

Vandana Arora - Interior Designer| Decor Head

Virender Singh- Studio Technical Head.

Akarsh Varma - Architect

Jagdish Bangari - Architect / Graphics

Aayush Misra - Architect

Prarthna Misra - Architect / Graphics

Tanushi Goyal - Architecture Intern

Navdisha Kukreja - Interior Designer Intern

Ayushi Gupta -Architecture Intern

Anushka Arora -Architecture Intern

Text Graphic Consultant: Akshita Jain

Instagram: Photography: Niveditaa Gupta




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