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This Family Retreat Offers Calming Views of the Picturesque Sahyadri Mountain Ranges

Macchan by Red Brick Studio

A retreat for a retired couple and family as a respite from the chaos of the concrete jungles in the city.

Though the plot was half an acre, most of it was steep slopes and large rock outcrops with only 30% of it having building potential. The top priority was to have a minimum impact of building footprint on the land considering the steep slope and we envisioned spaces that would fluidly blend within the surroundings giving the users a feeling of being nestled by nature. Hence contrary to the typical architectural response cut/fill and leveling, the building was set to arc off the edge to nestle amongst the treetops just like – a Macchan.

The spaces are extroverted and permeable allowing nature to penetrate its envelope; while being set in a dense thicket allowing for privacy and shade. The program was split into two split-level masses connected by a viewing gallery bridging across. The primary block houses the dining & kitchen separated from the living area by a sky-lit court and staircase. The living and bedroom below are perched out over a drop with viewing decks at the edge to enjoy magnificent views of the mountains and lake.

The secondary block is connected to the living area via a bridge deck and is oriented in the same direction to capture the views. The primary materials for construction were the readily available local black basalt stone which was found on and around the site. The stone is of volcanic origin and available in abundance across the Deccan Plateau.

"We used steel framed construction above the ground level and for the roof to keep the structure light. Recycled timber was used for the doors and windows keeping with the natural palette and low impact concept." - Red Brick Studio

Project: Macchan

Location: Pune

Design House: Red Brick Studio





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