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This Fashion Label Celebrates Indian Textile Heritage Through Carefully Designed Products

ODE by Oindrilla and Arka

Bringing to you a symbol of Indian textile heritage, ODE is more than a brand, it is an endeavour to synchronize fashion, communication, nature and the society with a single thread.

ODE weaves stories through garments. It is new, raw, simple and happens naturally.

Picture Courtesy: ODE The Label

Every single piece of textile at ODE is handcrafted with love, emotion and has a story to tell. Making its wearer feel the warmth of love.

Picture Courtesy: ODE The Label

Introducing ODE's very first collection, Borno. It is a gentle reminder of our roots as it depicts the beginner lessons in Bangla language, Bornoporichoi i.e identification of letters. "We have designed a new typeface which is a combination of Bengali and English alphabets aiming to take Bengali as a language being accepted globally." said Oindrilla and Arka.

Picture Courtesy: ODE The Label

Designers at ODE believe garments are more than just a piece of clothes. The strive to portray them as pieces of art. The canvas is mostly a palette of pastels. Sometimes a stark of red. But it's always from the elements we breathe.

Picture Courtesy: ODE The Label

The iconic prints are handblocked and to flare it up, the designers have used dokra buttons to compliment the attire.





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