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This House in Kolkata is Poised Between Experimentation and Expressing Identity

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This swanky 2000 sqft, 4 BHK apartment has Italian marble flooring and unique furniture finishes. The client lives in a joint family of six members and they wanted a house, which is maintenance-free.

Designers made sure that the colors that adorn the apartment are not only well suited to the taste of each member but also come together in perfect harmony. The informal living space is the very heart of the project- an immaculate alabaster wall with dimming lights and metal inlays.

The living and dining area is huge and incorporates three sitting spaces. The gorgeous balcony and French window welcome the skies in. The corner of the dining area has beautiful mirrors with a basin tucked into a corner near the balcony. The northeast corner has a temple made of marble with intricate details and a graceful inlay of mother of pearls.

Project: The Lohia House

Location: Kolkata

Design House: The Mark Decor

Principal Designers: Khushboo Shah & Meghna Shah


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