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This Minimalist Lifestyle Store and Café in Ahmedabad Embraces “Less is more” philosophy

‘Mitti’ Store & Café by Prana Design Studio

The concept of "less is more" has been taken to heart in the design of Mitti, a new sustainable lifestyle store and cafe in Ahmedabad.

This new store and cafe, ‘Mitti’ at Ahmedabad have placed a deliberate & unhurried way of life at the forefront. The entire space prioritizes natural design and minimalism, with the use of environmentally responsible materials, an abundance of greenery, and warm lighting. As a result, the space is not only aesthetically pleasing and also serves a function and emotionally enriching purpose.

Mitti’s flexible and transformative space is achieved through minimal display elements, which enable it to adapt to future needs. The use of sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, cane, and pine wood further reflects the store's commitment to an organic philosophy. By showcasing these organic materials in their true form, the store’s design creates a neutral backdrop that accentuates the displayed products.

The interior space at Mitti is designed with a natural and organic ambiance that is achieved through the use of white walls, exposed concrete ceiling, and rough Kota flooring. Additionally, the design includes an abundance of greenery, warm lighting, and cozy corners filled with plants, further enhancing the atmosphere.

The design embodies its values of endurance and minimalism, enabling its customers to fully immerse themselves into the brand's values. As a store and cafe, Mitti provides a space for individuals to embrace a slower and more sustainable lifestyle, in line with the brand's commitment to using natural and organic materials.

Project: 'Mitti' Store & Cafe Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat Design House: Prana Design Studio

Principle Architect: Priyanka Agarwal Photography: Umang Shah




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