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Timeless Architecture by Chirag Bhatia

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

An early morning scene, where a father brings his children to feed fish in the pond before leaving them to school, a sight I get to see daily. One day, I somehow managed to capture this intriguing sight with my camera, reminiscing a moment when the trio came together. This is one of the four octagonal-shaped, dome-roof canopies spread across every corner of the square-sized ancient pond. much.

I observed, apart from the formal education that children are getting in their school and colleges, by doing such activities, they are indirectly working on their self-growth/self-education, so that they know that helping people in need, caring about the environment and loving all the beings are necessary to learn to make this world beautiful and peaceful. Like three of them playing their role by staying in their life (frame).Centuries ago, as Historians said the King used to sit under the shade of this canopy with his queen and feed the fish while enjoying the sunrise and sunset.

The monochrome picture shows the mood of the scene with the reflection and timeless appeal of Architecture.