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Virtual Tour: Hèrmosa Design Studio’s One-of-a-Kind Manufacturing Unit in Rajasthan

Hèrmosa Design Studio by ARA Designs

Kota becomes home to Hèrmosa Design Studio's iconic and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The cultural hub of Rajasthan has birthed many creative greats, and the vibrant landscape will now play host to Hèrmosa Design Studio’s expansive empire. The décor haven has been credited with revolutionizing the furnishing experience for modern home-owners, and the brand seeks to push the envelope further by scaling up its manufacturing unit in Kota, Rajasthan by 4.5 fold.

Clocking in at 2,00,000 sq. ft. of area, the sprawling space plays host to more than just machinery and equipment. The Kota headquarters has been designed with the signature hallmarks of the brand’s futuristic thinking and quest for innovation. The infrastructure has been supplemented with state-of-the-art machinery imported from Germany and Italy

The facility’s impact on the environment has also been taken into consideration. In a bid to make the space cognisant of the workers’ needs, a network of dust collectors has been installed to afford their safety as the top priority. The products themselves are crafted in an automated environment using artificial intelligence (AI) that significantly reduces the margin of manual error.

The brand’s investment in the future of furniture design has been drafted with the end goal of supplying modern home-owners with highly durable, customizable and bespoke products that they can invite into their homes with pride.

Project: Hermosa Design Studio

Location: Kota, Rajasthan

Design House: ARA Designs

Photography: Reuben Singh

Construction & Panelling: Orilite Lifespaces


About Hèrmosa Design Studio:

Founded in 2018, by the CEO Pranjal Agarwal who hopes to deliver convenience, comfort, and durability that will help to turn empty spaces into aesthetic tales, nuanced with emotions and memories. The brand hopes to strike the right balance between functionality and reliability to ensure a furniture-buying experience that offers warmth, unmatched quality to the best of its ability.

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