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White Noise

In an attempt to discover what marks his time here, Naveen Sekar tries to draw parallels between ‘home’ and the ‘universe’.

In this infinite universe, the finite quantifiable life of a human being is forever conflicted between to stay rooted and star routed. We are running around to resolve this. The macroscopic being looks like a tiny morsel in a landscape. It is wondrous that the same person is a huge entity at the place he has his roots.

The alteration in perspective could be due to the varying aspects of looking at a space as a landscape or a house. Treading carefully between both the worlds, our favoritism is tilted towards exploration though it means to portray oneself tad bit inferior.

One savors, reflects and immerses thyself in the moment of getting lost in the vastness of a 'scape'. This facilitates the eternal journey towards humility and acceptance of the ultimatum. ‘None of us are indispensable’ the universe whispers.

Unable to endure the humiliation of being vulnerable and small, the heart drifts back home, pondering over its own existence. An interesting development in the recent past left me thinking ‘Is my home really my home if the confinement suffocates me?’.

If the prolongation of this confinement accelerates my longing to wander about aimlessly; What is this blurred territory of home versus escapade?

About the Artist: Naveen Sekar

Naveen is a freelance photographer and cinematographer based in Chennai specializing in Street Photography. His inspirations are David Alan Harvey, Alex Webb and Raghu Rai. He loves to photograph the beauty in the mundane.

Concept and Photography: Naveen Sekar

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