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Submission Guidelines

1) Curated, hand-picked and carefully edited.

  • All submissions undergo an extensive screening process in order to maintain a certain quality standard and keep our readers engaged. 

  • Generally, submissions should be well documented, written and submitted along with proper credits to those involved.


2) We prefer e-mails.

  • For any sort of communication, please contact us via email. In order to evaluate if we can publish your project, please send a few images or related content along with a small description at Our team will get back to you. 

  • If your project is an exclusive project i.e. yet to be published by any other media outlet, please make sure you mention it in the subject line of the mail. Exclusive projects are given a priority and moved ahead in our line-up. 

3) What do we accept?

  • We accept work pertaining to the fields of Architecture, Design & Art namely built/unbuilt/architecture/interior design projects/competition entries/products/artworks: sketches,installations,illustrations,graphics,paintings etc./essays/articles/critical reviews/stories/write-ups feature specific content etc. 

  • We aim to publish the latest from Architecture, Design & Art. Please don't send us work that is more than two years old.

  • We also collaborate with multiple brands in an attempt to make their journey known.

  • In the case of virtual drive links, it would be prudent to grant us permissions wherever required. To make things easy, organizing files within folders instead of sending them separately goes a long way.

4) Projects.

  • Typically, we would need well-documented and high-resolution images of your work.

  • Short description of the project in 100-200 words.

  • Long description of 500-600 words explaining it in detail. 

  • It would be prudent for the write up to be written in the third person.

  • The write up should be accompanied with relevant credits of those involved. A company profile or link to your website can also be attached.

5) Artwork.

  • Artwork such as installations, sketches, graphics, illustrations, products etc, we need high-resolution images which are again well documented.

  • We also need a 200-300 word write-up on individual artworks that explains it and the motivation behind it.

  • A brief about your professional background/ link to the website in order to get to know you better. 

  • If the artwork is a part of a series, pictures and one write-up of 500-600 words explaining the series as a whole along with your background/link to the website should be ideal.

5) Communication/ Fashion/ Product/ Furniture & other streams of design.

  • Typically, send us a write up/ concept note along with high-resolution images that best represents your brand or work that you are submitting in particular. As mentioned above, please don't forget relevant credits of those involved. 

6) Articles/ Synopsis/ Critical reviews etc.

  • We seek imaginative, exclusive and original writing about Architecture, Design & Art on subjects that matter, pose hard questions and originate from real places and experiences.

  • Ideally, we receive articles that are a minimum of 1000 words. However, it's about quality and not quantity.

  • When you write to us, make sure you mention Article Submission in the subject. 

7) Interactive Content is a major plus!

  • Any relevant videos, gifs, clips etc. add to the appeal of the feature.

8) We love write-ups!​

  • Write-ups/ Concept notes/ Briefs are never too much for us. We encourage writing. It is the best way to communicate and helps us understand and feature your work better.

9) Legalities.

  • Rest-assured your work is safe with us. All content has been collected and posted in good faith with due consent of the producer for informative purpose only. We do not copy, replicate, share or sell the information with any third party. 

  • However, we do not take responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of the posted information.

TDC Magazine is a curated, hand-picked and carefully edited assemblage of the latest in architecture, design and art. In association with people of various disciplines, an edition is compiled periodically and released online, a preview for which is available on social media. Know more about us here.

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