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The Hidden House in Portugal, Cleverly Camouflaged in Nature, offers a Serene Seaside Retreat

Perched gracefully on a cliff overlooking the ocean, this remarkable 800-square-meter house exemplifies the art of harmonizing architecture with nature.


The Church of the Holy Family Uses Geometric Concrete Forms to Unite Spirituality,Nature & Community

The Church of the Holy Family in Brasilia is a profound embodiment of the city's urbanistic principles that seamlessly merge..


This Old Residence in Ukraine Gets converted in a Breathtaking Showroom with alluring Copper accents

Developed by Kateryna Silchenko in 2014, this women's ready-to-wear brand The COAT draws inspiration from strong, passionate, subtle women.


This Cultural Center in France is a Monumental Tribute to Country's  Italian Heritage

L’Arche (The Arch), nestled at the base of a monumental stone wall in France emerges as a striking testament to the town's industrial legacy and profound Italian influence...


JSPA Designs an Oatmeal Factory in China Using System of Brick Walls Built Under a Concrete Volume

The Oatmeal factory in Ningwu, Shanxi province is a project that demonstrates how a building can be designed to meet functional requirements..

02-J House-in (30)-min.jpg

'J House' in Vietnam brings Nature Indoors by Prioritizing Green Spaces, Natural Light & Ventilation

The J House is a stunning example of how the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a bright, airy and green oasis...

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