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The World’s Largest Handmade Carpet, Crafted by

In the summer of 2021, when the world was in the throes of the pandemic, looking for every sign of hope, courage and resilience, a colossal project was underway in the bustling...


Design Strategist Shreya Thakkar creates recyclable and reusable seating 'Zilch' that could be used both indoors and outdoors!

The concept of throwing away-away does not exist. An item that is no longer in use does not disappear; instead, it renders the location where it ends up, such as....


Balouo Salo's Latest Project Provides Potable Water to over 3000 People in Southern Senegal

The humanitarian organisation Balouo Salo donates a new well to improve accessibility to drinking water and reduce

Artworks by Espravo (1).jpg

Espravo Drops E-store with Exclusive Art Prints and Frames

Kochi-based Art Collective Espravo launches an estore with an eclectic mix of artprints and frames that can be customized for your living spaces....


Tanmoy Samanta's Third Solo Show at TARQ Explores his Artistic Language of Solitude and Reflection

Tarq Mumbai recently hosted Tanmoy Samanta's third solo show, The Shape of Home, at its gallery in Mumbai. The collages and watercolor paintings in this show explore

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