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Design Strategist Shreya Thakkar creates recyclable and reusable seating 'Zilch'

The concept of throwing away-away does not exist. An item that is no longer in use does not disappear; instead, it renders the location where it ends up, such as a landfill or a river, uninhabitable. There is no such concept as "throwing away."

For the purpose of this research, Shreya chose to utilize user-centric short-term measures in conjunction with bio-centered long-term metrics. She investigated how cork is sourced at its source and how blocks are made for use in order to learn about its qualities.

The circular approach begins with the sourcing of the raw material, continues with manufacturing production, followed by transportation, and then moves on to alternate uses of the product after it has been used, in addition to repair and recycling so that it can become a raw material for its next life.

Project: Zilch

Material Used: Cork and Aluminum

Manufacturing techniques: Cork CNC , wood glue, Aluminum heat molding

Designer: Shreya Thakkar


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