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TDC Studio

TDC Studio - Architecture & Design Solutions

Nestled away in a small locality of Indore city, The Design Collective Studio is an independent and multidisciplinary Architecture & Design practice that reflects a distinctive aesthetic through a blend of contemporary and ethnic design philosophy. Being a boutique firm and not a conformist practice, we aim at creating authentic and concept-driven spaces that resonate its users and enhance their experience.

The firm was founded by Ar. Dev Tyagi and is built upon his passion for design, clean lines, gentle organic curves, and re-use of different natural materials with minimum ornamentation. We believe in a systematic and research-based process of design by guiding our clients through concept & design development followed execution while overseeing the entire process.

Our Design Process


Our designs are built on the backbone of extensive research and study towards the project which develops around the client's requirements and vision.


The research is then followed by producing and presenting preliminary theme-oriented conceptual ideas using our expertise.

Design Development:

We use 2D & 3D based communication to develop a concept into functionally and technically sound drawings covering all aspects of the design process.

Have a project in mind? We are happy to help!

Ph: +9107314971494, +917898879638

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