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Gurjeet Singh: Stitching Identity and Sustainability Through Soft Sculptures

Must Know Artist: Gurjeet Singh

Chandigarh-based artist Gurjeet Singh born in 1994, has carved a unique niche in the art world with his captivating soft sculptures.

Gurjeet's artistic journey traces back to his childhood where he found inspiration in his sister's embroidery skills and the vibrant Sikh miniatures and folk traditions of Punjab. Identity and the profound impact of love and loss form a recurring theme in his work with a particular focus on LGBTQ narratives. Singh's genius lies in his ability to breathe life into these stories, using textiles and unconventional materials.

His recent project, 'Remains of Waste,' unveiled at the India Art Fair in New Delhi, delves deep into the intricate language of fabrics. Through weave, texture, colour, cuts, holes and fades Singh explores the beauty hidden beyond the realm of clothing. His soft sculptures feature distorted faces, symbolizing individuals ensnared by societal expectations, yet radiating with a witty, powerful, and nonviolent defiance.

Moreover, Gurjeet Singh's artwork champions sustainability. By repurposing discarded clothing particularly from Bodice Lab's remnants he underscores the importance of reducing waste and blurring the lines between fashion and art.

'Remains of Waste' not only captivates the eye but also challenges the mind, inviting viewers to contemplate both the complexities of identity and the urgency of sustainable living.




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