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This Old Residence in Ukraine Gets Converted in a Breathtaking Showroom with Alluring Copper Accents

The COAT by Rina Lovko Studio

Developed by Kateryna Silchenko in 2014, this women's ready-to-wear brand The COAT draws inspiration from strong, passionate, and subtle women. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate two areas, an existing showroom and a new studio while maintaining an open environment for visitors.

Situated on the first floor of a 1950s brick residential building, the showroom faced limitations in terms of lighting and space. To address these issues, the design team enlarged the windows and doorways, allowing natural light to flood the room and visually raise the ceiling.

The visual concept of the showroom revolves around rhythmicity and recurrence, achieved through accent lighting and clothing racks. The lighting design played a crucial role in enhancing the space's ambiance. Decorative copper-plated lamps added a touch of elegance while maintaining functionality.

The brand's element of natural copper was incorporated as the main accent, guiding the colour palette selection. The Rosa Aurora stone, with its pink shade, was integrated into the walls and floor, accentuating the main exposition area and echoing the brand's concept of natural beauty and tenderness.

To allow the clothes to take centre stage, the interior furnishings were deliberately kept minimalist. Designer pieces such as the Cult Reversível armchair by Martin Eisler and a bench by PerezOchando adorned the showroom, complementing the brand's aesthetics.

This transformation provides visitors with a refreshing and sophisticated experience, inviting them to immerse themselves in the brand's world of strength, passion, and subtlety.

Project: The COAT

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Design House: Rina Lovko Studio

Principal Designer: Rina Lovko

Design Team: Rina Lovko, Daryna Shpuryk

Photography: Yevhenii avramenko




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