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Cosy Box Brings Glamour and Charm from Cannes to New Delhi's Old Golden Mile

Cosy Box by Pantone Collective Design Studio

Nestled amongst nature, each corner of the restaurant is an ode to the capital’s regal roots that draws on themes of glamorous excess. The restaurant's design is a stunning visual experience that combines color, texture and art.

The restaurant's architectural façade is a masterpiece that runs 150 feet wide and features a lit canopy concept. Inspired by the bold aesthetics of Memphis design, the façade shimmers as the light shifts, giving the restaurant a distinct personality that changes with the passing hours.

The Outer Deck, or 'Cosy Deck,' blends beautifully with its verdant surroundings. The Memphis-inspired façade boasts bold forms and a dramatic terrazzo inlay infused with colour. Sunflowers and art add to the area's charm.

Guests are greeted by a grand arch entry hallway adorned with foliage that leads into the soothing interior space of ‘Cantaloupe’. The coffee blush color scheme complements the foliage concept, and the olive and green furnishings blend perfectly. A 360-degree bar serves as the heart of the restaurant.

Whimsical installations like the 'drunken man,' candy shot area, & sunflower installation add a touch of playfulness to the space. Custom lighting in cantaloupe hues ties everything together, creating a cohesive and stylish ambiance.

In continuation of the cantaloupe story, the private dining area accessed through the vault showcases exposed pink slate for wall cladding and a dramatic flair with a blush drape canopy.

The Cosy Box powder room exhibits the restaurant's personality with a fun and stylish "sin apple" installation in the female restroom, and a masculine glass brick conversation ledge in the male restroom, both customised with art deco-inspired vanities and ornamented doors.

The blue staircase, inspired by Ricardo Bofill and the concept of a cozy cloud, swiftly transitions from the terrazzo floor into a rustic finished blue terrace. Layers of orange are incorporated as pop-up landscapes, and red customized foliage sits in embossed tile planters along the way, reflecting the site language and colors.

Finally, the Tuscany-inspired gazebo area offers a serene space where the rustic water feature serves as the central element, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the peaceful atmosphere. The combination of these design elements creates a visual that is spectacular and magical through and through.

Project: Cosy Box Location: New Delhi, India Design House: Pantone Design Collective Studio

Prinicipal Architect: Tanya Chutani

Photography: Suryan and Dang


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