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Atelier-108 Weaves Inspiring Story of a Young Golfer into an Intimate & Dynamic Home in Bengaluru

Residence B902 by Atelier 108

Residence B902, located in Bangalore is a testament to the personal journey and eclectic charm of professional golfer Designed by Atelier-108, the residence seamlessly combines bold colours and minimalism to create a space that reflects the client's vibrant personality.

This Residence is characterized by personalized details and bespoke design elements, which add a sense of intimacy and nostalgia to the space. The living area serves as the heart of the home, featuring sliding glass windows that fills the space with natural light.

The communal and intimate spaces of the home evoke a sense of calm, adorned with custom-made furniture, gilded accents, vivid wall finishes, and intricate details. The living area features the quiet minimalism, while the dining area pays homage to nostalgia with up-cycled golf clubs embedded into the backrest of the chairs.

The kitchen, designed with spaciousness in mind, showcases light-hued cabinetry and natural stone surfaces. One of the bedrooms was transformed into a walk-in closet, where the golfer’s collection of apparel, sunglasses, and shoes are displayed like curated pieces of art.

The guest bedroom is a serene sanctuary with lively floral wallpaper, while the master bedroom features pastel blues and pinks for a minimalist and calming atmosphere. Throughout the residence, thoughtful details such as up cycled golf clubs embedded in the backrests of chairs and a built-in bar console add personal touches.

Project: Residence B902

Location: Bengaluru

Design House: Atelier-108

Principal Architect: Anusha Arun

Photography: Parth Swaminath


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