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This Eclectic Home in Mumbai is a Celebration of Warm Colours, Prints & Textures

Medley of Colours by The Design Corner

The family of four, along with their furry friend wanted living spaces inspired by the show 'Gilmore Girls' that were bright and welcoming.

Crafting a warm and inviting home for a busy family of medical professionals was the designer's vision. The first steps were taken by carefully selecting a color palette and creating a mood board that balanced playfulness, vibrancy, and cohesion. As the client requested additional storage and brighter lighting, the overall aesthetic was altered to meet their needs.

In the living room, a beautiful nook is created with a chaise featuring soft floral prints that complements the long rustic orange sofa. The pink sofa from the show and cool blue textures on the wall add to the overall aesthetic. Continuity and visual rhythm can be seen in every space through playful, vibrant colors and fluted glass textures.

The designer's choice to maintain continuity and visual rhythm is seen in every space through playful, vibrant colors and fluted glass textures. In the dining room, a cyan blue crockery unit is paired with warm wine-red colored roller blinds and chair upholstery for an overall sleek and modern look.

The passage to the daughter's room has pastel floral wallpaper that complements the floral patterns in the room. A cozy corner by the window features a study table, small shelves, and a blue pendant light that accentuates the bright yellow wall. The room exudes a boho chic vibe, with wooden poles, a powder blue headboard, and soft sheer curtains.

Additionally, the Master Bedroom celebrates elegance and cheerfulness, where vibrant colours and splendid textures create a delightful space. The warm yellow walls and deep bottle green headboard, and textured wardrobe add depth and character.

The nook is a cozy retreat, with a patterned tile floor and a lounge chair with a rug, perfect for reading. This space is sure to transport fans of the show Gilmore Girls to that precious time.

Project: Medley of Colours

Location: Mumbai

Design House: The Design Corner

Principal Architect: Shruti Dandekar

Photography: Anuja Kambli


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