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Archermit Studio Unveils New Building in Pengzhou City China with Suspended Ground Floor

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Woyun Platform by Archermit

Lying 50 kilometers to the north of Chengdu, the majestic Longmenshan Mountains and Min River cut a swathe across the rich fields of Sichuan province, creating in their stead two distinctly different worlds: the Chengdu Plain and the Western Plateau.

Here on the Plateau, the designers’ notion of the building as a platform from which to “recline amongst the clouds” has been derived from the elevated atmosphere of this impressive landscape, replete with mountainous peaks bathed in mist, and with an ideal site offering a view overlooking the adjacent Min River. The building has also been created in the spirit of facilitating a means for visitors to fulfill a desire to return to nature, to their roots.

With the project located at the entrance to the Pengzhou area of Giant Panda National Park, Archermit has drawn on three aspects from the pandas’ habitat as a basis for architectural design concepts - the bamboo forest, the ubiquitous clouds, and the mountain boulders created by glacial drift – in creating this platform amongst the clouds.

Project: Woyun Platform

Location: Longmenshan Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province

Design House: Archermit

Principal Architect: Youcai Pan

Design Director: Zhe Yang

Design Team: Jingwu Piao , Xin Chen, Jinju He, Jun Luo, Liping Wang

Photography: QiuYu, Arch-Exist Photography, HereSpace Photography, ICYWORKS, bpi, Archermit

Article: Youcai Pan, Zhe Yang


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