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'J House' in Vietnam brings Nature Indoors by Prioritizing Green Spaces, Natural Light & Ventilation

J house by Creative Architects

The J House is a stunning example of how the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a bright, airy and green oasis.

Owned by a single teacher, the J House measures just 4 x 24 meters. However, the owner's desire for a plant-filled home inspired the team to prioritize green spaces, natural light, and natural ventilation. To address the narrow width of the townhouse layout, the team analyzed typical townhouse design defects and carefully curated a solution that fused design aesthetics with functional spaces.

The team's efforts resulted in a layout that incorporated green spaces exposed to natural light. Through careful calculations and experiments, solar glass was used to reduce heat by 40-45%, while stone layers above the glass regulate light and create shade, producing a pleasant indoor atmosphere with natural light and a sense of nature.

The J House also boasts two natural ventilation shafts designed to provide vertical and horizontal ventilation. The Louvre Z system above the skylight releases hot air and reduces pressure beneath the glass roof, while the two front and rear door systems let in air that is drawn to the low-pressure region beneath the glass roof, effectively carrying heat.

To counteract the noise from the busy road, the J House features textured interior walls that help absorb traffic noise, and the ceiling system is designed as an open frame system that provides both pleasing aesthetics and soundproofing.

J house, unlike a typical townhouse, has become an interesting and cozy living space with trees, natural light, and fresh air with designer’s meticulous attention to detail.

Project: J House

Location: Bien Hoa province, Vietnam

Design House: Creative Architects

Principle Designer: Long Bui The

Photography: Hiroyuki Oki


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