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The Hidden House in Portugal, Cleverly Camouflaged in Nature, offers a Serene Seaside Retreat

Hidden House by Kerimov Architects

Perched gracefully on a cliff overlooking the ocean, this remarkable 800-square-meter house exemplifies the art of harmonizing architecture with nature.

The ingenious layout of this residence adheres to the contours of the land which creates a subtle elevation shift that allows the terraces to effortlessly blend into the natural landscape. Each level of the house offers awe-inspiring panoramic views and bathes in the warmth of abundant natural sunlight ensuring a constant connection with the breath-taking environment.

At the heart of this architectural masterpiece stands an atrium structure which serves as the focal point and unifying element of the residence. Independent architectural units are strategically positioned to optimize space utilization while maintaining utmost respect for the environment.

Drawing inspiration from the region's rocky palette, the house adopts a sandy-coloured architectural concrete and metal façade which mirrors the natural landscape.

Furthermore, the property features thoughtfully designed pools, a staff building with a lush roof garden and a range of sustainable elements, including solar panels and rainwater collection systems. These eco-conscious choices transform this house into a haven of sustainability, showcasing how modern living can coexist harmoniously with the environment.

In this extraordinary abode, architecture and nature converge, setting a high standard for responsible and luxurious living in an unparalleled coastal setting. It is an ode to the delicate balance between human ingenuity and the preservation of our planet's natural beauty.

Project: Hidden House

Location: Lagos, Portugal

Design House: Kerimov Architects

Principal Designer: Shamsudin Kerimov

Photography: Denis Chegodaev




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