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This Tropical Retreat in Kerala Carefully Integrates Landscape into the Built Environment

Lael Residence by Barefoot Architects

Located in the bustling Mannarkad town amidst government institutions Lael Residence was designed to provide a comfortable and peaceful dwelling away from the chaos of the city.

The design concept of ‘Lael’ emerged from prevailing site conditions that aims to seamlessly integrate landscape and the built environment to integrate the landscape seamlessly within the built environment. The primary objective was to enhance the liveability of the spaces.

The architectural highlight of the internal composition is the gathering of spaces that are scattered throughout the premises. These spaces were meticulously designed keeping in mind the client’s desire for ample areas to spend time with friends and family. A central double-height space serves as the heart of the house linking the spaces together.

The private core of the residence lies linearly along the southern side, shaded by the thick canopy of trees that act as a buffer against the southern sun and filter the south-west winds. The single massive sloping roof in the facade becomes a prominent design element of the building.

In terms of materials and colour palette, the interior was carefully selected to reflect the natural and tropical theme of the residence. Wooden joineries, seamless white walls, concrete-textured ceilings and natural Kota stone flooring contribute to a harmonious composition.

In brief, Lael Residence successfully blends the natural surroundings with its architectural design creating a tranquil haven that fully embraces its tropical environment.

Project: Lael Residence

Location: Mannarkad, Kerala

Design House: Barefoot Architects

Principle Architect: Basil Kalladi, Nithin Raj

Photography: Justin Sebastian




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