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This 100 Year Old Ancestral Home in Kerala is Sustained with a Hint of Subtle Modern Touch

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Pullolickel Veedu by Studio 3TwentyOne

This century-old ancestral home was restored to preserve its traditional form while incorporating sustainable practices and modern touches.

Throughout the renovation, particular emphasis was placed on reusing and recycling materials and conserving existing building forms. One of the most striking features of the restored home is the beautifully rejuvenated mosaic floor, a stunning focal point of the home's interior.

In addition to preserving the traditional aesthetic, the design focused on enhancing natural ventilation and lighting. The North-South orientation of the house allows for more openings to the north, keeping the home naturally cool. The outdoor courtyard features a water body to facilitate evaporative cooling during the summer.

The tropical minimalist interior design was meticulously planned to create a comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere.

The careful planting of trees also takes into consideration the needs of the local bird population, making it home to a variety of bird species. The restoration of Pullolickel Veedu honours its antique vernacular while upgrading the quality of living to suit contemporary lifestyles. The design interventions display respect for tradition and sustainability.

Project: Pullolickel Veedu

Location: Kerala

Design House: Studio 3TwentyOne

Principle Architect: Anupa Kurian

Photographs: Running Studios




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