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This Ahmedabad Home Embodies Sustainable Architecture and Low Carbon Footprint

Meethi-Mishti nu Mati Ghar by SferaBlu Architects

Meethi and Mishti, three and nine years of age respectively became clients in an unorthodox situation for SferaBlu Architects.

This house aims to cater to their fancies and sensitivities and originates from their innocent concerns and ideas. Meethi and Misthi, both extremely concerned about the environment, wanted an eco-friendly house. A house that is surrounded by nature, uses sustainable materials and means of construction while minimizing its impact on the surrounding environment. A house that adapts to the local climate and changing weather while bringing in clean and fresh air.

In villages, people often build their houses using mud. Bringing the same idea into mainstream architecture, they built structural walls for the house by ramming earth excavated from the site itself. The earth provides thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption as well.

To add a fun element, like patterns seen in layered sand art, different natural oxides were used to create layered fluid patterns in the large monolith. The girls’ stone and shell collections, ones they had gathered over the years, were also added to the walls to preserve their fond memories.

Keeping the clients’ sensitivities in mind, most of the other material used was also locally sourced and had a low carbon footprint. #vocalforlocal

Project: Meethi-Mishti nu Mati Ghar

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Design House: SferaBlu Architects

Principal Architect: Naman Shah

Photography: Umang Shah





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