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The Church of the Holy Family Uses Geometric Concrete Forms to Unite Spirituality,Nature & Community

Church of the Holy Family by ARQBR Arquitetura e Urbanismo

The Church of the Holy Family in Brasilia is a profound embodiment of the city's urbanistic principles that seamlessly merge architectural and natural elements to create a spiritual haven for its community.

At its core, this architectural masterpiece features a circular nave and a soaring concrete structure that elegantly marries the concepts of spirituality, nature and communal unity.

The design's ingenuity lies in its ability to harness the interplay of natural light, which gracefully filters through the circular roof ring and a strategically positioned ground-level opening. This interplay serves as a bridge between the inner sanctum and the surrounding landscape that allows visitors to connect with the horizon thereby symbolizing the divine presence.

Furthermore, the project's axes are meticulously aligned with both the city's layout and the horizon itself. This alignment not only serves as a navigational guide for visitors but also underscores the inseparable relationship between urban planning and architectural design.

In embracing Brasilia's designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this architectural marvel effortlessly integrates with the topography and landscape, paying homage to the sacred while embracing the natural environment. The Church of the Holy Family stands as a testament to Brasilia's rich heritage where architecture, topography and landscape harmoniously converge to create a place of profound spiritual significance and communal unity.

Project: Church of the Holy Family

Location: Brasília, Brazil

Design House: ARQBR Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Photography: Joana Franca


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