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The Working Landscape by Shruti Omprakash & Sunjana Sridhar

Updated: May 16, 2020

The project began as an office proposal for a client that wanted an open, understated yet elegant, statement-making built space that would serve as an icon for his brand of construction.

The interior spaces, in particular, had to be carefully detailed to welcome the user to touch & feel the space. Subsequently, the spaces had to be reprogrammed and converted it into a restaurant, with minimal intervention to the initial brief of the interiors.

Picture courtesy : Shruti Omprakash & Sunjana Sridhar

The design focuses on creating porous, functional spaces that overlook the carefully planned landscape. A lovely expanse of glass floor at the reception level welcomes the visitor to look down onto the lush waterscape below. Rich materials like the Satuario marble, wooden exterior cladding, brass finishes and carefully chosen veneers adorn this space. The reception/main dining has a wall of veneer & brass panels with an array of planter boxes.

Picture courtesy : Shruti Omprakash & Sunjana Sridhar

The brass panels have been hand-beaten, inviting the user to feel the different textures. All rooms have been crafted to the convenience of the user. The conference/fine dining room in particular is a lovely double height space that has hand - crafted Plaster of Paris wall - panelling, made in-situ.

Picture courtesy : Shruti Omprakash & Sunjana Sridhar

The panels are three-dimensional, creating a unique visual and physical impression on the user. Marble staircase inlaid with brass strips, long metal handrails and exquisite interior detailing make this project a luxurious and one-of-a-kind space for the client, setting the bar for the quality one can expect from them.

Project: The Working Landscape Year : 2018 Design team : Shruti Omprakash & Sunjana Sridhar Construction : Gatala Constructions Pvt. ltd

Website : Photographs: Phosart Studio


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