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The Landscape Design of this Penthouse is Derived From the Concept of Free-Flowing Rhythm

Free-Flowing Penthouse by Pinewood Studio

Inspired by an actors lifestyle, the landscape design of this penthouse in Hyderabad is derived from the concept of 'Free-Flowing Rhythm'.

An Actors lifestyle is guided by his endless hours of work, travel and impromptu schedules. He is constantly on his feet to get the script right or get the emotion right. Therefore, the theme for Landscape Design of this project was derived as “Free–Flowing Rhythm”. The Penthouse is located on an elevated topography of the Hyderabad city, which provides a boon, with spectacular view of the entire horizon, which the actor was very clear about that this was the key feature of his bachelor pad.

Picture Courtesy: Pinewood Studio

The scope of work included Two terraces and a courtyard to be designed. "While the North facing Terrace was abutting a Neighboring property, and was predominantly going to be used for food spread and bar counter for the parties, The South facing terrace was the one that we had to ensure we kept the view as the key feature. The design concept of flooring, benches, planters and the pergola were essentially woven around the thought process of free-flowing forms. The use of fluid lines and curvaceous shapes serves to create an overall relaxing feel, combining minimalist themes with carefree features, speaking to a desire for harmony.", said the designers at Pinewood Studio.

Picture Courtesy: Pinewood Studio

The seating right outside the lounge was divided in two levels, the concrete free form and the planter turning into wooden deck, which now turns to a multifunctional area. The terrace having enough seating area on either side, is left open and free in the enter with an unobstructed view. The element creates that the drama is the fluidic pergola. The unusual framework is substantial enough to offer some refuge from the shifting sun, and makes an ideal pergola for the deck. It involved meticulous fabrication work to cut out the names of the Movies our client had been part of. The dramatic shadows that pergola with text delights everyone and the experience is beyond words.

Picture Courtesy: Pinewood Studio

Terrazzo flooring and concrete finish benches casted as a monolithic feature providing the seamless pallet for exterior living spaces. Other elements are characterized by a similar tendency to narratively break away with ordinary approaches and reinterpretations in landscape design: downsize gravel plastered wall and green faux grass in courtyard with lush plantation.

Picture Courtesy: Pinewood Studio

Lush plantation in high raised planters act as a perfect barrier while also converting in to seating areas. A tall Luna Wood divider as back rest to one of the bench acts as a visual barrier between utility and the terrace space.

Project: Free Flowing House

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Project Architect: Phylosophy Design Studio

Landscape Design: Pinewood Studio

Photography: Ricken Desai




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