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Clean Contemporary Lines & Uncluttered Spaces Become The Focus Of This Home

38 Krishna by F+S Designs

With changing times come changing lifestyles and changing demands on spaces. 38 Krishna is one such residential property that needed to be transformed to cater an affluent couple in the city of Hyderabad, living with their two young sons.

38 Krishna is a modern home in its true sense, with clean contemporary lines and uncomplicated design defines the space, which is homely, uncluttered and is a visual delight. A minimalist and practical design approach has enabled us to hero the inherent quality and depth of materials through various planes and surfaces, bringing clarity and richness to the house. The free movement through the various living spaces heightens the sense of openness and grandeur. Cut-outs placed strategically in the slabs on each floor in the Living area create a lung-space which beautifully connects the entire 3-storeyed, 11,000 s.ft. house together

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

The functional requirements for the family of four- specified four en-suite Bedrooms, Living room, Family room, Dining room, Kitchen and Entertainment spaces such as a Home-theater, Library and Terrace community spaces. In addition to meeting the requirements, lush green balconies, a double-height courtyard space and outdoor seating on all floors have also been added.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

The weaving of the beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces with the interiors by introducing large openings and extended living spaces present equilibrium between modern living and a connection with nature. An earthy stone fireplace added to the seating area in the terrace with the backdrop of beautiful Balinese masks is one of the highlights of the house.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

Each individual space is designed with a contemporary fusion-style aesthetic with bespoke furniture and metal-work details. The double-height Courtyard is a memorable composition of 3 tall windows that accentuate the height of the space, with earthy patterned flooring and modern rustic furniture.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

A plush wood-paneled back wall creates the backdrop for the Master Bedroom composed along with rich textures of Rose-gold metal and a sea-blue fabric headboard. The sons, both being in their mid-twenties have been given a modern minimalist chic bedroom space, with a different approach each. Warm brown tones of wood paneling, beige brown walls, a sleek white sofa and clean linear lights encompass the first son's bedroom. Rugged tones of textured cement walls, with raw wood and deep-colored leather finishes creates a contrasting Bedroom space for the second son.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

The Pooja room door was left untouched since it’s a beautifully carved traditional- pure Burma teak door and holds a sentimental value to the family. Artifacts and accessories that are close to the clients have been carefully placed along with modern elements throughout the house. Three rustic Balinese boats hanging at different heights through the ceiling cut-out on the ground floor makes for a memorable installation.

Picture courtesy: F+S Designs

To create the requisite warmth, the lighting throughout the house is in warm 3500K light, featuring a combination of ambient, linear light, spot lights and pendants as per requirement of the design and space. Two streaks of 40-ft long linear

Project: 38 Krishna Firm: F+S Designs

Website: Principal Designers: Faisal Vohra & Shamila Meeran Team Members: Shrusshti Gadepalli, Abdul Jaleel, Mohammed Yasser, Huzefa Malik Landscape Architect: Meghna Dulani (The Pinewood Studio)

Website: Landscape Contractor: Gamlaa Landscapes Photography: Ricken Desai

Instagram: Lighting Partner: Unique Lighting Systems, Prakash Lights Home Automation: Awicon Technologie

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