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A Home with a Variety of Timeless Materials, Patters and Textures Against a Neutral Palette

Dalmia House by OT Architects

The inflow of natural light through end-to-end windows along with warm environment of the space, generates an experience of calmness & luxury altogether.

The light coloured Italian pattern on the floor gives a very classy, fun and spacious feel while directing the eye around the room. A custom kitchen creates an elegant look as a result of the grey toned color palette exuding its homeowner’s personality. The intent of the second Master Bedroom was to keep it clean and clutter free.

Serving as a quiet space for the young lady of the house, the east facing second master bedroom housing the wall bed with its serene achromatic interiors. The intent of the space was to keep it clean and clutter free. We wanted spaces to flow into each other to make the place feel bigger. We also opened up the space to make room for natural light.

Project: Dalmia House

Location: Nagpur

Design House: OT Architects

Principal Architect: Ar. Omprakash Thakrani

Photography: Ashish Bhonde





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