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A Man Who Wears Many Hats

"Quirk box is a celebration of life in technicolor. In an exclusive interview, its founder, Jayesh Sachdev tells us about how Quirk Box has evolved from being a fashion and lifestyle label to branching into almost every area of design." - Editor

Jayesh Sachdev, Founder & Creative Director, Quirk box

How did Quirk Box happen? As an artist, the idea is always to get your art to reach a large audience. By changing the medium of art, by making people wear art, I could have my art visible and accessible worldwide. Fashion and Lifestyle was such a medium and thus Quirk Box was born.

Quirk box is now pretty much able to touch every area of main-stream Art & Design. Is there a hunger for more or finally a feeling of being settled? Getting settled is a dangerous space. You cannot get complacent. There are challenges that you cannot foresee or foretell. There is always a hunger for more. If not more, for better, to do better. Create better.

Why do you think Quirk Box stands out?

We try to create a strong and distinctive aesthetic. We do not call ourselves a Fashion label. We sell art and design. Fashion has only been a medium. We are now a full fledged Design Agency, that creates a recognisable and strong aesthetic for other brands to build from.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration is ever evolving. It is not one space or episode. Inspiration is a sum of our experiences and our experiences keep changing every single day. Travel is probably a strong influence though.

Every good business relies on its team to be successful. Tell us more about the hierarchies at quirk box.

How is your team divided and how do you function?

We are an extremely small team and have always been. We are a cost conscious brand that works on loyalty, we have have worked with a tight knit set of people that is family to the brand. Because of the small team there is often an overlap of responsibilities.

What are you working on currently? Are you planning on launching anything soon that our readers should look out for?

Quirk Box Design is designing new spaces, restaurants, identities and packaging for exciting product releases for domestic and international brands. While our Fashion set up has recently introduced a swim collection which we are excited about growing.


A: Jayesh Sachdev




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